5 Uses of Pate for dogs!

(Written Georgia Hatton)


We are very excited to have launched our new pate range! After some extensive product testing here are our top 5 uses for it!


1. Cutting it!



Pate is soft enough to cut through easily with an ordinary knife, but firm enough to be handleable. This makes it ideal for cutting into a variety of shapes and sizes, whilst the pure meat content makes it irresistible to dogs. All together, this makes the pate a hugely high value reward.


Using high value rewards is the mainstay of positive reinforcement training - teaching your dog new behaviours by rewarding them! Whether competing in a sport, teaching your dog a fun trick to wow your family and friends, or just rewarding them for making good choices on walks and at home, this pate will be your new go-to reward!


2. Spreading it!



A lickimat is a silicon or rubber mat, with grooves and ridges on it. You smear a wet food type, such as peanut butter, soft cheese, vegetable puree or our pate for your dog to lick off!


Licking releases endorphins in your dog's brain - it’s a pleasurable activity! This alleviates stress, provides mental stimulation, can be a great positive reinforcement tool for bath time, and encourages slower eating habits.


3. Hiding pills in it!



It’s an unfortunate truth but most dogs will need to take a tablet or two at some point in their life. Unlike humans though, you can’t get your dogs to swallow them with plenty of water.


Whilst some dogs will just eat a tablet mixed into their usual food, other owners need to be more creative!


Pate makes the perfect tablet hiding place. It is soft, so can be moulded to shape around pills, and smelly - perfect for hiding them in.


4. Feeding it!



Whilst many people choose to feed their dogs complete, dry food for convenience and a guaranteed complete nutrition profile, it isn’t the most exciting diet for the dogs and some can just decide it isn’t worth eating!


Pate can be sliced up and put on top of your dog's food. The high meat content and tempting smell is sure to tempt your pet to their bowl! It isn’t a complete food, so shouldn’t be fed as an alternative to their usual food, but it works great as an accompaniment!


As it is made in a variety of flavours, you can mix it up daily to keep your dogs interest!


5. Stuffing it!



Similar to lickimats, special toys, such as kongs for dogs, are becoming more popular amongst owners for providing enrichment. The licking and chewing action releases the feel good endorphins discussed above.


For an extra special treat, Zym’s recommendation is the pate stuffed cut trachea! Combining our delicious pate, with the chewy, nutritious goodness of the trachea is sure to be a winner. In summer they can be frozen for the perfect cool down treat.


We are very excited to share our new pate with you and your dogs - and hope this has given you some ideas of how to use it!