Crufts - 1 month on!

(Written by Georgia Hatton)


The last month has flown by, and it is already a month since Crufts! This year was our busiest yet - and we hope all of the lucky dogs whose humans brought them treats home have enjoyed them!


Over 20000 dogs competed at Crufts for the title of Best In Show, with the title being awarded to the Flat Coat Retriever Almanza Backstreet Driver - or Baxer to his family!


Baxer (similar in appearance to this dog) and his owner Mr Patrick Oware  travelled from Norway to take part!


Our sales of natural treats were bigger than ever as more and more owners make the switch to minimally processed, highly nutritious goodies for their dogs.


Rio was very keen on saying hello!

In the blogs in the run up to the event we spoke to a number of different handlers and their dogs about the activities they are taking part in, and now we are back to find out how they got on!

Elsie and Daisy

We were doing the Graduate and ABC agility in the YKC ring. 

In the Graduate agility Daisy went to see the judge instead of going in the tunnels and was eliminated, but the rest of her run was lovely. On the Saturday she did the ABC agility and was crazy! She loved every second of it, but got the zoomies and didn’t do anything I asked her to. At one point she ran up the A-Frame and stopped at the top just looking at everything. It was so funny. 

My favourite part was that my grandma and grandad came to visit - we haven’t seen them for over two years. It was really lovely to see them. I was also so pleased that Daisy didn’t go into any of the traps on the courses that I thought she might. 


Masha and Altai


Altai came 4th in the Jumping round of the Large Novice ABC Agility competition - the most successful a Saluki has been at Crufts in the agility!


Diane and Monkey

Monkey and I took part in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Pre-Beginners Stake Final.   Despite being the youngest dog, and with all the noise and distractions, he only lost five marks overall, most on heelwork, coming just outside the top ten placings of 24 entrants.   I was so proud of him. The week before we attended Crufts, he attended his first ever agility show where he was placed in one of his classes.  What a super star he is proving to be!   

Issy and Henry

Issy and Henry defended their title to win the YKC Small Pairs agility for the second year in a row!


Georgia and Albert

Albert and I took part in the Bronze Factor Challenge - after a couple of practise sections we attempted his Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze test live at Crufts! Albert handled the heelwork, gate control, staying calm around other dogs and standing to be examined perfectly - but unfortunately couldn’t manage the 1 minute stay - so we were deemed “Not Ready”. We had a very good day out regardless, and my favourite part was walking Albert around the halls and doing some shopping with him! Despite never being anywhere like Crufts before, he behaved perfectly, not putting a paw out of place all day!



Well done to everyone who took part in Crufts 2022 - we already can’t wait until next years event!