Discover Dogs 21st - 22nd November, 2021

(Written by Georgia Hatton)

Choosing the right dog for your family, whether purchased as a puppy or adopted from a rescue centre, is a big decision. With 221 recognised dog breeds in the UK - not to mention the innumerable combinations of crossbreeds, it can seem like a minefield to find the perfect match. 

A family who enjoys outdoor activities would be more suited to a high energy breed, such as a spaniel, whilst breeds with a strong herding instinct might not be the best choice for a novice owner with young children. Terriers like to be involved, often vocally, in all aspects of daily life whilst sighthounds, such as the saluki, can be far more aloof. Each breed, with its appearance, health and history is different and as dog ownership can be a commitment of over 10 years, finding the right companion is important.

Carrying out a google search for “What breed of dog should I get, Quiz” returns over 7 million results, and as they are based on your lifestyle, they are a handy resource for shortlisting. You may find yourself surprised by the results, or even drawn to one of the less common breeds!

Regardless of whether you are purchasing from a breeder or rescuing your new friend, it is paramount that you do so responsibly. Good breeders take pride in their puppies and want to know they are going to the best possible home.

At Discover Dogs you can meet dogs and their owners from every registered breed. It’s a great place to get hands on, and really learn what they are like to live with, as well as meeting potential breeders. 

Zym at Discover dogs, waiting for visitors to arrive

The shopping village is a dog owner's dream, with stands selling everything from toys and treats, to beds, collars, coats and everything in between. Be sure to go to the main ring and cheer on the competitors in a variety of exciting events, including agility, flyball, scentwork and heelwork to music. There is a dedicated area for children.  

Only assistance dogs, and those invited by the kennel club, are permitted to enter the show, so leave your pets at home!