Making Black Friday a Pawsome Day for Your Furry Friend: Dog Deals and Safety Tips

Black Friday isn't only a shopping extravaganza for humans; it's also an excellent opportunity to indulge and pamper your beloved four-legged companions. Amidst the rush of discounts and promotions, including your canine companion in the excitement can make this day even more special. This guide is designed to assist you in uncovering top-notch dog-related Black Friday deals while offering essential safety tips.

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Dog-Friendly Black Friday Deals

Pet Stores and Online Retailers:

Lavish your furry friend with discounted dog essentials by checking out pet stores and online retailers. Look out for slashed prices on dog food, treats, toys, and grooming supplies. Platforms like Chewy, Amazon, and Petco often roll out exclusive Black Friday deals for pet parents. Here at Pet Treats Wholesale, we’re offering up to 70% off on a range of products - making it the ideal time to stock up!

Subscription Boxes:

Delight your pooch with a monthly surprise by subscribing to a dog-themed subscription box service. Black Friday presents an ideal window to avail discounted rates on these treasure troves packed with toys, treats, and goodies tailored for your dog's delight.

Pet Tech:

Explore the realm of pet technology with Black Friday deals on smart pet cameras, automatic feeders, GPS trackers and pet fitness trackers. These innovative gadgets not only add convenience but also bring entertainment to both you and your furry companion's lives.

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Safety First

Crowd Control:

If taking your dog along for in-store shopping, be cautious of crowds. Ensure your dog is on a lead and comfortable around people and other pets. Consider using a harness for better control amidst the hustle and bustle. If you aren’t sure, leave them at home!

Healthy Treats:

Amidst snagging Black Friday deals, don't overlook nutritious treats for your dog. Many pet stores offer discounts on premium treats and chews, providing your furry friend with healthful indulgences. We’ll have great offers on a wide range of treats over the weekend!

Check for Pet-Friendly Events:

Some pet shops host special events or promotions on Black Friday. Check for dog-friendly activities or gatherings nearby, providing your furry friend with a chance to socialise and revel in the day's excitement.


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 DIY Dog Toys and Treats

Black Friday Boredom Busters:

Opt for DIY dog toys or treats if you're on a budget or seeking a personalized touch. Crafting these not only saves money but also engages both you and your dog in a delightful and interactive activity.

Homemade Treat Recipes:

Discover simple and wholesome dog treat recipes online. Create delicious snacks using ingredients available at home, ensuring your pup enjoys Black Friday in a tasty and nutritious way.

This Black Friday, don't let your furry friend miss out on the festivities. Whether you're scoring discounts on doggy delights or crafting homemade treats, make the day special for your canine companion. Prioritise their safety and well-being as you embark on your Black Friday shopping spree. Wishing you and your furry friend a delightful and memorable Black Friday filled with joy, treats, and tail wags!


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