Meet Zym - Pet Treats Wholesale's Newest Employee!

(Written by Georgia Hatton)

Introducing Pet Treats Wholesale’s latest employee, our head of the product sampling division, Zym! He is a 3-year-old Australian Silky Terrier and is making his mark as an office favourite.

When not hard at work, he’s a busy little dog- competing regularly in agility, training in flyball, going on long walks and playing with his canine family. All of this activity is fuelled by a high quality diet, complemented with only the best natural treats.

After a tough few days of sampling our favourites, we’ve narrowed it down to our top three treats, each perfect for a different situation:

For training

All of our training is positive and reward based and for this we need to use a high value treat! Our favourite is the Moist Liver Sausage

This delicious, meaty sausage is truly a premium quality treat. The soft texture makes it ideal for cutting up into bite size pieces (as Zym is such a small dog, finding a high quality treat I can do this with is paramount!), whilst the high meat content makes it irresistible. Variety is the spice of life, and we mix it up by using the entire moist range. We use the liver flavour most as it is the lowest fat variety, perfect for frequent rewarding whilst keeping Zym slim and lean.

For Competitions

Days out at agility competitions can be long, and keeping Zym nourished during breaks is essential for maintaining high performance. The ideal snack is high in protein, easy to digest and light on the stomach - and Tripe fits the bill perfectly. Our beef tripe is a highly palatable snack, and this crunchy, chewy treat is a particular favourite of Zym’s! As this is a 100% natural product, with minimal processing, it arrives in a variety of sizes, enabling me to select the right piece for every occasion.

For Enrichment

Mental enrichment is just as important for a healthy, balanced dog as physical exercise, and one of the best ways to provide this is by satisfying your dog's instinctive drive to chew! Although far removed in appearance from his wolf ancestors, Zym retains this ancient desire - indeed so do all dogs.

We offer a variety of long lasting, chewy treats but our Number 1 is dehydrated Trachea. These hollow tubes are made from the windpipe of a cow, sold both whole and cut into pieces - the latter of which are perfect for smaller dogs like Zym! They are high in protein, whilst the cartilage that lines the outside of the trachea is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, making them great for promoting joint health. Their hollow shape makes them great for stuffing with wet food, and in summer they can even be frozen, creating the perfect, cooling treat!

Here at Pet Treats Wholesale we are continually developing our product ranges - and with our newest staff member on the case, you can be sure our treats get your dog's approval!


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