Why make the switch from store bought to natural, healthy dog treats? Find out here!


(Written by Georgia Hatton)



Your dog is much more than just your pet - they are your family. Just as we enjoy an occasional treat as part of a balanced diet, the same is true for your dog! As man’s best friend, they deserve the best healthy dog treats, to reward and treat them, whilst enhancing their health. 

Many owners take great care to ensure that their pets receive the best nutrition,  most fulfilling exercise and exciting toys to play with - and we believe this care should be extended to the treats their dogs receive! 

Here are some of our recommendations for the best, healthy dog treats that your canine friend is sure to enjoy!

  • Dog-Friendly Sausages: 



Available in a variety of flavours, our gourmet sausage range is made right here in the UK. Containing nothing but meat, they are rich in the nutrients your dog needs. The clear ingredient list - with nothing hidden and nothing added - make them perfect for the owners of dogs with allergies or digestive issues - as they can clearly see which are the best variety for their dog! Whether used as a day to day snack, cut up into bite size training pieces or saved for a special occasion, your dog is sure to enjoy our gourmet sausages!

  • Crunchy Snacks:




Whilst long lasting, chewy treats are great for keeping your dog occupied, smaller, crunchier, snack sized treats are quite often just as well appreciated by the dogs! Crunchy treats like natural chicken feet, duck necks and fish cubes are some of our most popular goodies. As well as being high protein, highly digestible snacks, the firmer texture makes them great at helping to keep your dogs teeth in good condition - especially if their day-to-day diet is  made up of softer, wet foods!

  • Dog Treats as a Nutrition Boost: 




Natural dog treats are an excellent way of keeping your dog fit and healthy, from the inside out! For example, dried beef spleens are a rich source of vitamins B3 and B12 - vital for energy and Iron, for the production and maintenance of red blood cells - whilst dried liver is the perfect source of a variety of essential compounds, including Vitamin A, Folate and Selenium. 

  • Novel Protein Sources:




For the owners of dogs with allergies, finding treats they can eat without triggering a response can be a minefield! Novel protein sources are ones the dog hasn’t seen before - and are less likely to cause a reaction. Our dried fish, camel and venison ranges are perfect!

The best all-round natural treat? Rabbit Ears For Dogs!




Rabbit ears are the best, all round natural treats for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. They provide your canine companion with numerous benefits such as:

  1. High in Protein 
  2. Highly Digestible - A great introduction to natural treats for puppies!
  3. Hypoallergenic - just rabbit, so perfect for allergies!
  4. Dental hygiene - the chewing action promotes teeth cleanliness!
  5. Delicious!

The hairy variety have the added bonus of being a natural dewormer - the hair is undigested, and as it passes through your dogs intestines, provides a mechanical removal of parasite eggs from the intestinal tract - and improver of anal gland health

While rabbit ears are extremely beneficial for your dog's health, always remember to feed treats as part of a balanced diet, and with plenty of fresh water available.

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